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Terms and Conditions:

The aim of the URG Web Ring is to provide an easy-to-use resource for urglers or anyone else interested in visiting the online gardens photo-albums published by subscribers to urg.

Membership of the URG Web Ring is by invitation only. Webmasters or other interested parties may suggest suitable sites by submitting their details via the Application Form on the Ring Home Page or by email to the Ringmaster.

Membership of the URG Web Ring is free of charge. There is no joining fee, administrative cost or any other charge.

In all matters relating to the URG Web Ring, its day-to-day operation and its membership policy, the decision of the Ringmaster is final.

Sites rejected for membership of the URG Web Ring may re-apply after suitable revision/amendment as suggested by the Ringmaster and the advisory team.

Sites that alter their content to material that may be deemed offensive will be removed form the ring. Similarly, any site member found to be abusing or misusing their membership of the URG Web Ring may be removed from the ring.

The URG Web Ring accepts no liability or responsibility for the content of member sites, or the accuracy thereof. Questions regarding material found on member sites should be addressed to the appropriate Webmaster, and not to the Ringmaster.

Technical Guidance:

Feedback Page:
There is a feedback form at the URG ring site. This allows surfers to provide feedback to the ringmaster and hopefully lead to the early identification and correction of any problems (e.g. navigation difficulties) with the ring.

Note: Comments about individual site design or style should be directed to the site owner except where they involve access to/from the webring.

Accessibility of Navigation Panel
All webmasters should ensure that surfers brought to their site by the URG web-ring can easily navigate back to the page which holds the ring navigation panel (navpanel). This is easily done by providing a 'home' button or link on each page that returns the surfer to the navpanel. Alternatively, there is a small gif of the ring logo available from the ringmaster that can be used to link directly back to the navpanel by use of an anchor reference.

Many sites utilise frames, and, when used correctly, they can be of great benefit to web-surfers. However, when linking from a frames site to another site in the ring, it is essential that the new site be displayed at full screen width, and not as a pane within the previous site's frameset. The navpanel code contains a TARGET="_top" reference which is intended to eliminate this potential problem, and it is imperative that this reference not be altered or amended to retain the existing frameset.

As the ring develops and grows, it may be necessary, from time to time, to make amendments to the navpanel to take advantage of new features or correct bugs within the ring.
In such cases, the ringmaster will inform all members of the required changes, and they should be implemented within 5 days of being issued. Alternatively, the site may be temporarily removed from the ring so that the owner can make the changes at their leisure. Where a change is required to maintain the integrity of the ring it may be necessary to remove a site from the ring and place it the holding area. When this is necessary the site will be re-admitted to the ring when the site owner has implemented the required changes.

Customisation of Navigation Panel
Members may customise the navigation panel as they see fit, but the logo and the 5 main links (Next,Previous,Random, List,Info) must be maintained. The Ringmaster has a number of variations of the logo on different backgrounds available upon request.

The html code supplied on first joining the URG Web Ring generates the navigation panel shown opposite.

This is a uk.rec.gardening web-ring member site
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The URG Web Ring
More Info
It is recommended that members copy the ring logo to their own server and call it from there, rather than from this server. Some familiarity with html is assumed, but, if you're struggling, email the Ringmaster.

Joining the ring:

Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will be given a url to visit, wherein you will find the full membership form. This form requests important information about your site and then uses the information you supply to generate the html code to create the navigation panel for your site. Each navigation panel is unique, and so it is important that the information you submit via the form is accurate.

Shortly after completing and submitting the membership form, you will receive your html code by email. This code MUST be inserted on the page you specified on the membership form. Failure to insert the code on the specified page will result in your membership being delayed.

Exactly where on the specified page the navigation panel is placed is at the discretion of the webmaster. Most members tend to place the navigation panel at the base of their home page. Bear in mind that the navigation panel may be customised to suit the requirements of a particular site.

When the navigation panel has been added to the specified page and uploaded, notify the Ringmaster by email, and after checking the functioning of the navigation panel, your site will then be admitted as a full member of the URG Web Ring.

Useful Links

Site admin - For webmasters to edit their site info and get their customised HTML code.

Contact - Email address for Ringmaster

Home Page - Introductory page for The URG Web Ring with the Application Form

Feedback - page for submitting feedback to the RingMaster

URG - Home page linking all the URG Resources

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Logo variations - other sizes and colours available on request
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