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What is 'urg'?

uk.rec.gardening is a usenet newsgroup open to anyone and everyone for the discussion of gardening within that group of temperate, but soggy islands poking up from the sea off the coast of mainland western Europe, commonly referred to as the British Isles or Britain and Ireland.

If you want to read the full charter of u.r.g, as it is affectionately known, click here.

If you would like to have a look at the urg newsgroup, and your browser is configured to handle newsgroups, click here

What is a web-ring?

A web-ring is a complete circle of web-sites that share a common theme, and enables simple one-click navigation between the member sites. Some sites will be members of more than one web-ring, and so a series of 'overlapping circles' develops, allowing surfers to wander at will. A full description of the principles behind a web-ring can be found at the Ringlink Home Page

What is the urg web-ring?

The urg web-ring has been created to link the web-sites of urg subscribers, sometimes known as urglers, who have 'My Garden' type pages. Members add a "Navigation Panel" to their site, which then allows surfers to click from one urgler's garden to another, to jump to a random site within the web-ring, or to call up a list of all members. It is hoped that the urg web-ring will foster the same helpful, friendly manner that prevails within the newsgroup.
This is an example of the Navigation Panel produced by the html code issued to all urg web ring members. It is fully customisable, as long as the 5 essential links are maintained.

The colour of the Navigation Panel can be altered to suit individual sites, and there are a variety of logo sizes available in animated and non-animated versions. The logo shown opposite is the largest and the one issued as default.

This is a uk.rec.gardening web-ring member site
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The URG Web Ring
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Which sites can join the urg web-ring?

Any subscriber to urg with a 'My Garden' web-site can apply to join the web-ring; Commercial, Advice and How-To site sites will not be admitted, although ring-members may have links to such sites within their own page(s). Indeed, some member sites are veritable goldmines of information, contacts and links.

It should be noted that, unlike other garden web rings, the urg ring is NOT open to anyone. It has been set up specifically to link together the online gardens of urglers. If you are simply looking for a garden web ring that you may join to boost site traffic, try one of the hundreds of other garden web rings out there on the web - the urg ring is not for you.

What if my site changes?

Most sites are in a constant state of revision, and so, the ability to edit or amend information about your site is an essential part of the web-ring structure. You will be asked to assign a password for your site, and this password will allow you to alter the information held in the central web-ring database relating to your site. If you are ever in doubt or struggling with the intricacies of the urg web-ring, the ringmaster is available to try and help.

How is the quality of the ring maintained?

The purpose behind the web-ring is to provide a "virtual tour" of urglers' gardens to web-surfers, and to do so in a simple, user-friendly manner. Accordingly, the ring has introduced certain 'quality' requirements that aim to maximise the ring experience for our visitors and keep the ringmaster's mailbox free from moans and groans. These are outlined on the Guidance page.

A ring of well-run sites benefits both the web-surfers and the webmasters, whereas one poor site can spoil the experience for the web-surfer, and detract from all the other ring members' efforts.

When an application to join the web ring is received, the web site is checked by the Ringmaster and/or the RingHelpers. They decide whether to accept a site, to reject the site, or to recommend alterations to render the site acceptable.

Sites that attract a significant number of complaints regarding access or inappropriate content will be removed from the ring and placed in the holding area until remedial action has been taken by the site owner.

How do I add my site to the urg web-ring?

To apply to join the web-ring, you will need to complete and submit the form below which notifies the ringmaster of your interest.

Shortly after receiving your application, the site will be reviewed by the ringmaster and/or ringhelpers and you will be notified of their decision as soon as possible. If your site is acceptable, you will be given further instructions on how to proceed to become a full member of the ring.

So, to sum up the steps involved in joining the urg web-ring:-
  1. Submit your site using the form below.
  2. Ringmaster reviews site and accepts/rejects your application.
  3. If accepted, you'll need to add the navigation panel code to your webpage. The relevant code, unique to each site, is emailed to you once the site has been approved.
  4. Ringmaster checks navigation panel is functioning properly and then adds your site to the ring
  5. Loads of urglers come and trample all over your cyber-garden! :-)
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Note: We do not accept commercial sites into this webring. Don't waste our time by applying as all you'll get is a mouthful of abuse from an overworked ringmaster. :~)

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Please allow 3 working days for your application to be processed. We are aware that this isn't the fastest form-server on the web, and we trust that you will be patient - it does work - honestly!

PS - make sure your email address is correct or we won't be able to reply!

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The urg web ring is administered by a Ringmaster to whom all enquiries should be addressed. The software that operates the ring is run and managed by cormaic web services and supplied to the urg web ring free of charge. Any data or personal information submitted to the urg web ring is NEVER passed on to any third party.

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