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A trip to Parcevall Hall, April 7th, 2002


Leaving behind the Rockery, our route continued downwards towards the Hall itself, which is positioned to take best advantage of the wonderful view south along the Wharfe Valley.

Approaching the Hall from the back, which is the higher ground, allows you to appreciate the size of the place, something that is not immediately apparent when viewing from further down the gradient.

Roof and Valley
terrace gardens The front gardens of the Hall consist of a series of terraces, all facing south, starting with a series of 3 formal gardens featuring lush verdant lawns with clipped yew hedging and a pool in the centre.

At the time of our visit, however, the whole panorama was domiated by the central ornamental cherry, which was in full blossom and was literally buzzing with activity from bees and other insects.

The ornamental cherry
sit down
Edward - (Kay hidden) - Mrs Taz - cormaic - Alan
Photo by Jane Ransom
Thankfully, there's plenty of bum parking available on and around the upper terraces of the front garden, in the form of benches and low walls, and this was the gratefully tested out for half an hour or so in the middle of the day.

Jill and David, Mary and Malcolm took the opportunity to explore the terraces in more depth while the rest of us commandeered a bench with a view, caught up with the gossip and completed our plans for The Big Surprise...of which, more will be revealed later.

Parcevall Hall
Parcevall Hall itself
There are two smaller gardens off to the left of the Hall itself, and, while the less energetic of us rested and recharged the batteries, others went off to explore the Chapel Garden and the Courtyard.
Chapel garden
Waterfall in the Chapel Garden
The terrace pond and cherry
Terrace and Cherry
Two photos by Jill Bell
As much as we'd like to, it's really not the best use of our limited time to sit around basking in the glorious sunshine, having The Craic, and feeling glad to be alive in such a wonderful place. So we hauled ourselves upright once more and set off down the front lawn in the general direction of the Tea Rooms.
front lawn
The front lawn looking south
front lawn
Looking back to the Hall


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