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A method of repairing bare patches in lawns, contributed by Ray Hubbard.

You will need some lawn seed and a fine grade compost, using roughly 1lb of seed to 75 litres of compost. Thoroughly mix up the seed and compost in a wheelbarrow to the quantity required. Tip the mixture back into an empty compost sack. Roll the sack over loosely at the top and leave it for a few days to germinate.
Rake the bald patches on the lawn to get rid of moss and to leave a tilth that the seed can get into. When the seed has germinated, scatter it where needed. The compost helps you to see where you've sown and it helps to keep birds off because they're not as keen on the seed when it has germinated.
Cover the scattered seed with horticultural fleece and weigh the edges down with stones or similar. This also helps to repel birds and save damage in the event of heavy rain, gives the grass a bit of a 'greenhouse' and gets it off to a good start.
When the grass is a decent height, remove the fleece. Keep watered in dry spells before and after fleece removal.
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