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Pests and Diseases

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RHS Pests and Diseases
Pippa Greenwood, Alan Halstead
Dorling Kindersley

This guide to the identification, prevention and treatment of a range of plant problems is designed to provide quick and easy access to the solution the gardener needs. A visual gallery of symptoms contains colour photographs, enabling comparison with the affected plant. The comprehensive A-Z section details the cause and control of 500 plant pests, diseases and disorders, offering advice on chemical-free preventive measures and remedies wherever appropriate. Informative features and a reference section complete this handbook which is suitable for both the amateur and the professional.
LP £19.99 AP £15.99

Garden Pests and Diseases
Audrey Brooks and Andrew Halstead
Mitchell Beazley

Though the illustrations are monochrome, they are quite good, and it is cheap enough to take around outside, a few things in it that aren't in the Collins Guide.
Synopsis (Amazon's not my own)
This edition covers almost every illness that plants can suffer and what to do when things go wrong. It provides techniques for identifying and dealing with pests, diseases and disorders in ornamental plants, vegetables, fruit and lawns.
LP £10.99 AP £7.19

Collins Guide to the Pests, Diseases and Disorders of Garden Plants
Stefan T. Buczacki, Keith M. Harris
Currently out of print.

For Love of Trees'
Trees, hedgrerows, ivy and the environment
Risteard Mulcahy
0 9527198 2 7

There is an excellent little book printed in Ireland thatmakes a very strong case for controlling ivy in hedgerows. He recommends that you cut all the ivy vines around a tree trunk at one level (so you can be sure you have them all). He says it is not necessary to strip off the existing ivy although it looks neater if it is (and it is easier a month later after the ivy has died).
I have done this in my hedge row and now only make an inspection one a year to pull off any pieces trying to climb again. This leaves a nice groundcover of ivy.
Not found on Amazon


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