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The New RHS Dictionary of Gardening
Anthony Huxley, Mark Griffiths, Margot Levy
Macmillan Reference Books

Just got this, first class. 70, 000 plants described with cultural hints. Introductory material on a wide range of horticultural topics. Buy it for breadth not depth. If you want photos go for the A-Z.

This title is designed as an accessible scholarly resource with practical information for gardeners. It encompasses a vast range of plants grown on a domestic or commercial scale in private gardens or present in specialist and botanical collections. They are plants grown for ornament, for amenity or for economic use, and they include a vast range of cultivars. Each entry has been written according to the exacting scientific standards. Features include: 50,000 plants described; concise botanical accounts of species in cultivation throughout the world, in line with the latest taxonomic thinking; practical advice on how to grow every plant described; nearly 200 articles on horticultural science and practice, newly commissioned from leading authorities; 175 biographies of figures in horticulture, botany and garden design; fully cross referenced; cumulative bibliography, arranged by subject; botanical and horticultural glossaries - a grammar of gardening; and 3000 specially commissioned line drawings of plants and gardening techniques.
LP AP £149.00

Hugh Johnson's Gardening companion
Hugh Johnson
Mitchell Beazley

A guide to the world of the garden. All the elements of the gardener's lore, from the science, philosophy and history of garden design to the plants themselves and how to care for them are set out in this revised edition of "The Principles of Gardening".
LP £25.00 AP £20.00

Garden Plants Made Easy
Jane Fearnley Whittingstall

This book is basically two sections. The first gives lists of plants, and possible planting scemes for different situations, shade, boggy, architectural plants, climbers for different aspects, etc. etc. All that the author has apparently easily managed to get to thrive in each location.

The next section is a mini-encyclopeadia of all the plants listed in the first bit. With pictures, descriptions of different varieties, guide to soil, position, speed of growth, flowering period, when to prune.

There's also a couple of appendixes, plant synonyms, and common names.

Why do I like this book? Well, 90% of the time, something we've seen in a magazine, or on telly, will be in there, even though there are "only" around 500 plants listed. We can instantly see if it's suitable for our garden, and it's not a massive thick book that weight half a ton, yet it seems to have all the plants we want to look at in. Very good for enthusiastic beginners. Like us.
LP £14.99 AP £11.99

RHS - Pruning and Training Manual
Christopher Brickell, David Joyce
Dorling Kindersley
This guide to pruning and training contains, in just one volume, the information gardeners need to maintain attractive, well-pruned and trained trees, shrubs, climbers, roses and fruit. 800 ornamental plants and fruits are covered.
LP £19.99 AP £15.99

The Dry Garden
Beth Chatto
Orion Paperbacks

As our climate is changing to result in increasingly hot summers and dry winters, gardeners need guidance on plants that will thrive in dry conditions. This book provides readers with information on types of soil and the various principles of the design and management of dry gardens, including a detailed list of plants, with notes on their characteristics and advice on how to grow them.
LP £7.99 AP £6.39

Gardening in Colour
Frances Perry
Year ?
0 600 01601 3

In this comprehensive and informative volume, Frances Perry has
concentrated mainly on floral and ornamental aspects of gardening, but includes sections on fruit and vegetable growing. Ms. Perry says "I hope that by reading this book its readers will continue to enjoy the peace and pleasure which flowers and gardens so amply provide.

Not found on Amazon

Adam the Gardener

A Sunday Express publication

This handy pocket size book is a compilation of the long popular 'Adam' series in the Sunday Express. It carries a mine of practical information in week by week form about planning, maintenance and care of the garden and the plants in it. Essential reading in the potting shed.

Not found on Amazon

Colour All the Year Round
Roy Genders
Robert Hale Ltd

Though first published in 1961, this 'Golden Oldie' of gardening books remains a stimulating and educational read for all gardeners. Roy Genders spares no effort in explaining every aspect of flower and
general recreational gardening in a way that learners and experienced
practitioners can benefit from time and again.

Not found on Amazon

The Complete Manual of Organic Gardening
Basil Caplan
0 7472 7830 X
Not found on Amazon

Permaculture 2
Bill Mollison

Not found on Amazon, though several other permaculture books by the same author are available.

Botanical Latin
W.T. Stearne
David and Charles

First published in 1966, this is a guide to aspects of Latin usage in the botanical field and is a source of information for gardeners, botanists, scientific historians, systematic etymologists and classical scholars. Now in its fourth edition, it summarizes the grammar and syntax and covers the roots and origins of Latin and latinized geographical names, colour terms, symbols and abbreviations, diagnoses and descriptions, the formation of names and epithets, and more.
LP £30.00 AP £24.00

Dictionary of Plant Names
Allen J Coombes


The derivation, meaning and pronunciation of botanical names and their common-name equivalent; is what it says on the cover. It really is only pocket sized but crams a lot in. Generic names and common names are listed alphabetically with a suggested pronunciation (in a format I can understand, non of this funny phonetic alphabet symbols!). Then the family and derivation of the name eg latin, greek, named after plant collector who introduced it etc. Short description of its use in the garden eg herbaceous perennial, shrub etc.
Species are listed under each genus including pronunciation, meaning of name, common name, country of origin etc.
One of the most useful books I've ever bought and surprisingly browsable as well.

Not found on Amazon

Expert' books (18 of them I think)
Dr. D. G. Hessayson

Variety of subjects and prices.
Bulbs, Containers, Easycare, Evergreen, Flower arranging, Flowering Shrubs,Fruit, Garden DIY, Garden, Greenhouse, House plants, Bedding Plants, Flowers, Lawn. Roses,Vegetables and Herbs
Rock and Water Garden, Trees and Shrubs.

Plants used by Man
George Usher
Out of print


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