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Devon 2002
URG Meet 2002

URG Meet, Landscove, Devon
August 31st, 2002


The only meet for this year took place at Hill House Nursery at Landscove, near Ashburton in the county of Devon, the home of long-time urgler, Sacha and her husband Ray. Once again, the weather for this Devon meet was absolutely superb, with warm sunshine and a cerulean sky.
tea room In the Tea Room
From L to R

Edward Sparkes
Dave Poole
Jennifer Sparkes
Sacha herself
Doreen Larcombe
Karen Mountford
Sue Young
and Judith


Dave Poole and Judith Atkinson

Watch Dave in the rest of these photo's and see if you can spot him without a drink in his hand!

dave and judith
garden tour  

Sacha and Ray lead the guided tour of the gardens and the glasshouses


Sacha and Ray, with Dave Poole and Sue Young in the centre, and Jennifer and Edward Sparkes on the right.

the garden tour
Ray Hubbard  

Ray entertains Doreen Larcombe and Karen Mountford, with Sue Young on the right. In the background, Dave Poole chats with Edward and Jennifer Sparkes.


Simon and Linette Avery with Karen Mountford and Dave (and glass)

sacha and jennifer  

Sacha and Jennifer


As ever at these meets, cormaic, with Mrs Taz in tow, is always the last to arrive

cormaic and mrs taz
The Sparkes with Ray and Dave  

Jennifer and Edward Sparkes with Ray and Dave


Jane and Graham Ransom flank Karen Mountford

Jane, Karen and Graham
In the Glasshouse  

Dave shows off a Passion Flower in the Glasshouse to Julian Atkinson, Ray and Karen M.


Karen Mountford and cormaic examine the fuchsias and the stunning Ipomaeas.

Junior Urglers  

Junior Urglers Roisin and Amy, along with assorted dogs, Morley, Russsell, Dudley and Bromley


Sacha shares her wedding photos with Jane and Graham Ransom, Doreen and Mrs Taz.

wedding album

Simon and Linette Avery with Doreen Larcombe.


Dave and Sacha with the plant that was almost named after her, Plectranthus 'Sasha'

Dave and Sacha


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Photographs by Maurice Larcombe
Hosting and Catering by Sacha & Ray Hubbard at Hill House Nursery

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